Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Outdoors Today

Blue sky. A few white, wispy cirrus clouds. Lots of green still left, but oranges and yellows and browns and reds in the trees too. Just a touch of light breeze, a little cool without a jacket and a little warm with a jacket. (For you Miss Congeniality fans, it was definitely an April-25th sort of day.)

And there I was, out walking for exercise. Not cooped up in a cubicle. Not stuck inside a store. But free to leave children with their schoolbooks and go exercise for a short while ... even if it did make my legs ache from putting heretofore unused muscles to work. I need to enjoy these luxuries while they last. I suspect that sometime within the next 5 years I will no longer be free to do such things, so for now I will soak up the pleasure while it lasts and be grateful to the husband who makes it possible.

Later we biked to chapel. Maggie was pokey. SO pokey. The more I slowed down to let her catch up, the further behind she got. I finally stopped and waited for her. When she caught up, I saw her back tire was flat. Not low. Not very low. But flat as flat could be. What to do? I couldn't very well leave a little girl sitting on the side of the road for twenty minutes, waiting for me to ride back home to fetch the van or a tire pump, or both. We continued on to church. After prayers, I figured I would go fetch the van for the Maggie-girl and the bicycle. And you know what? Andrew offered to stay with her. Can you believe how sweet that is!?! I'm sure she would've been okay staying there by herself: it was at church, after all. But he stayed and I'm so proud of his kindness!


  1. Another alternative was to let the Haga's put her bike in the back of our "bus" and give her a ride home.

  2. I was already back at church when I saw you pulling out. But thanks anyway! :-)

  3. Poor Maggie. I'll bet she was exhausted pedaling with that tire!