Monday, October 13, 2008

Kitty's Eyes

Poor Athena. We've noticed evidence of her eyesight deteriorating. Today I was sitting out at the picnic table, doing some paperwork. She came out to sit by me and be petted. (Okay, that may not surprise most readers, but the kids who lived at my house will say, "WHO?? Athena? She came to cuddle outdoors??") Then she noticed motion. Something was moving. Miss Huntress-Extraordinaire had to go get it. But after some stalking, she finally got close enough to see that the prey was a small flag from the gas company marking the underground pipeline. What a disappointment for the kitty who needed a bon-bon of sparrow or gopher. But also sad for me to see her struggles. What I find amazing is that she is still such a fantastic huntress in spite of her increasing blindness.

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