Monday, October 13, 2008

Blast from the Past

Great movie!

Rachel told us about this. She said if we liked Enchanted, we would like this. The movies were both written by the same guy (one of Matt's relatives).

The basic scenario is that this man was born in a fallout shelter in 1962. He was locked in with his mom and dad until 1997. He lived in a happy and functional family. He was mannerly. At the end of the 35 years, his father went up to the world and concluded that the society he discovered up top was mutated from the nuclear fallout. So he decided they needed supplies and were staying in the shelter for another 10 years. The son went to fetch the supplies. Incidentally, it would be nice to have a wife too. And thus begins the story of a nice nice guy who meets modern society where men don't hold doors for the ladies and everybody has credit cards and computers will fit inside a house.

There was some language in the film (as we see what modern society is like) and some "adult situations" that were not in the movie but were part of the background of the story, but overall it's about as sweet and funny and innocent a story as you could hope to find ... not unlike Enchanted.


  1. Susan, this movie has been my favorite forever...I am so glad you found it!

  2. Blast From The Past is my mom's favorite movie!
    Not to mention we all like it :-)

  3. That is one of my favorite movies too! So many quotable lines...

    Eve: Where do you think he got all that information?
    Troy: From the oddest place - his parents.