Friday, October 17, 2008

"100" -- Neighbors' Gardens

81. SWEET ALYSSUM is the first annual I grew when we moved into our first parsonage. I really like how it mounds and fills in with those tiny flowers.

82. The reason I know GERANIUMS is because Mom usually had some red ones in a pot on the front porch.

83. I may not be great at recognizing garden flowers, but BEGONIAS have that unmistakable waxy look.

84. PANSIES are one of my favorites!



  2. That's a crack-up, LW! Mental Floss is one of those magazines I'll be subscribing to when I find time to read again. (I let a lot of subscriptions lapse when I realized that they just piled up and made me feel guilty for wasting the money...)

    Notice that those are flowers in NEIGHBORS' gardens, and not mine. It takes everything I've got to keep plants alive. I'd rather focus on keeping the kids alive.