Friday, May 23, 2008

Minor Pick-Me-Up

Done with the editing job I was in the midst of. It's so nice to work on something I'm capable of instead of something that I'm always floundering at (this motherhood/housewife thing).

Today we needed to start watering the grass seed that was spread yesterday. I'm a little bummed because we had hoped to put strawberries in that nicely dug-up top soil. But a friend told us that mound systems get very dry on top. Since I'm not very good at keeping things watered [understatement!], I think I'd just kill the strawberries if I decided to go for it. So now I have to spread grass seed in the place where I told the workman yesterday to NOT put seed. And we struggled with leaky faucets and leaky hoses and leaky connections before Andrew managed to put together a working hose for wetting the soil & seed. (It's hard to go from working on something I'm adept at --like the editing-- to working on something that stymies me at every turn.)

So, bummed out, I went to town to do errands: copies from the library, laundry detergent because I ran out with ALL the laundry I've done today, and a little hand-held broadcaster for the seed. The grocery store had Newcastle Brown on sale, and I wanted some. No good reason; I just wanted some. So I picked it up with the laundry detergent. And I got carded. I wanted to laugh. I asked the clerk if she were looking for a tip. Maybe it's their policy to card everyone under 83? But you know what? As shallow as it is, it made me feel better for a few minutes, even in the face of leaky faucets and leaky hoses and way too much lawn to water.

Oh, vanity....


  1. I was nearly in tears today because I could not get directions Don had sent to get to his house off the computer. I told Dad I was going to do some washing and ironing. I know HOW to do THAT! Later Karen told me that the doc. he attached was not even compatible with my old computer. Made me feel better AND the washing and ironing is done.

  2. I don't know if I should tell you.....were you at Pick-N-Save? They card EVERYBODY...even people in their 60's, 70's....I've seen grown people yell at the clerks. It is kind of silly...but you still don't look like a grandma!


  3. This doesn't surprise me a bit. You are one of the youngest looking almost-grandmas I have ever met.

  4. Yes, it was Pick-n-Save. So it didn't mean anything after all. :-)

  5. It's law in most states to card people... no matter what age they look. :) If they don't and you were a secret shopper or the state doing an audit then they could get in trouble.