Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Daily Doings

The computer connection has been pitiful the last few days. Each page takes a long time to load, and the connection to the Internet keeps failing.

We had a gorgeous day yesterday for a fieldtrip with friends. We walked around downtown Milwaukee, learning about the history of the city and observing the architecture from the 1850s to 1880s. I've begun to wonder, though, whether we spin our wheels planning educational activities for these get-togethers. The kids want to play play play. They see their friends seldom enough that maybe the socialization time is more important than the fieldtrip's academic value. (After all, we all know homeschoolers are in desperate need of socialization. LOL -- okay, all you homeschoolers, quit bustin' a gut and get back to skimming blogs instead of laughing uproariously after having fallen off your chair!)

Gary bought and connected the digital tv converter. Wow, that is one clear picture on our tv screen! And now there are two channels that look similar to TV-Land and some PBS stations that look somewhat similar to the nature and history channels on cable. I figured out how to work the answering machine last month. I can figure out how to work the tv too. (I think I can! I think I can! I think I can!) Hey, Rachel, Daddy says you ought to get a converter box so that you'll have a signal that comes in for you! (The government gives you $40 toward it.)

I was on Charlie's talk show this morning. He told me I made an excellent point. Cool!

Tomorrow is Andrew's final exam for drivers ed. Last classroom lesson. Only four more trips to go for behind-the-wheel lessons.

Almost done with the next CCA project. I'm done with my part on the next project after that too. Yee haw!

Rumor has it that the septic system may be installed this week. I keep putting off doing laundry in an attempt to save quarters, thinking that right-quick I'll be able to run my very own wash machine in my very own house. But we're still on the water-conservation routine. If Mr Leitzau doesn't come tomorrow, I may have to do a couple of loads so that we can squeak through for another day or so before doing laundry at HOME.


  1. Susan,
    I thought I heard you on Charlie's show...I was right!

  2. Hi Susan,

    I read this post and thought, "Who's Charlie?" And I clicked the link and learned that Charlie is the guy I've been listening to on the radio in the mornings. We get very few AM radio stations up here, and I've really been missing the many choices of radio stations I had in Chicago. But this Charlie Sykes is pretty good! Wish I could have heard your comment :)