Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Snow Storm

So one week ago I'm in Sacramento, with California people asking me, "So, what is winter like in Wisconsin? Do you have snow? How cold is it?" And there wasn't much to tell.

So two days ago, the weather forecast for Sacramento called for an inch of snow. That was more than we were supposed to get. I was tempted to write to the research team at the hospital and gloat a bit, teasing them about their snow.

So now ...
I have a cat whose bladder is going to explode because she can't "go" outside. The humans in the house have forcibly tossed her outdoors a couple of times, but she won't do her job. She just hunkers down until we open the door 5-10 minutes later, then trots back indoors, wet and cranky. How about the litter box, then? What? Going in the house? How uncouth! She will have none of that nonsense.

Problem is, storm is due to keep up for another 24 hours. Poor kitty.

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  1. Cats are so funny. What a elitist you've got there!