Monday, December 07, 2009

The Power of Snow

Amazing how an inch of snow can finally force you into setting aside the history and math books, and get yourself outdoors -- hauling in the lawn swing, putting away the lawn chairs, picking up the garden hose, and all those other jobs you've been putting off.

My dad would have been mortified to know that my hose was still in the yard in December. At least it was drained of water! Gary did ensure that.

While we were at our October chores today, we also put up some Christmas lights while we were out there. We're no longer the cranky Scrooge-family on the block.


  1. We steadfastly refuse to put up outdoor lights solely because of the ostentatious, expensive Las Vegas show of the other two houses on our side of the block!

    And cus I'm cheap, and I don't have a stash of lights big enough to spare some for outdoors.

  2. A couple of years ago, I bumped into light strands at Walmart for a post-Christmas price of $1 each. We bought 6 or 8. Seeing as how they're Walmart electronics, I'm kind of surprised they're still working. But for that small a price, I was willing to invest in some Christmas cheer (especially after we'd received several appreciative comments at the old house when we put up a few lights on the little forsythia shrubs).

  3. Oh, the other thing about our lights -- we have a crab apple at the corner of the property. It's the tree that everybody sees as they turn into the neighborhood, and is absolutely gorgeous in bloom in spring. I thought we could make it pretty in December too. We don't have lights on the house: I'm too lazy.

  4. Oh my, I still have hoses out. They are unhooked, so I thought that would keep them from bursting. I would be storing them in the outside shed anyway. I left them out on purpose, as someone is coming to clean the gutters next week. There's one scrubby old tree along the fence in back that still has small leaves - the kind that would block downspouts. Now that you mention it, I do remember Dad out there in the past draining hoses, but neither of us have done it for the last several falls. Our 12 degrees Friday night was good for an outside freezer, but the iris, geraniums, mums, and such are now gone.

  5. We just got our hose in today, too...the other hose already exploded last year. I had to cover the swing since it wasn't going to make it in...I can only carry so many things down to the basement. And somehow a wire snapped on my outdoor FREE Joseph and Mary display. I'll have to fix that tomorrow....before all the SNOW!