Friday, December 11, 2009

Running Out of Bread

I used to make two batches of bread most weeks; that's 8 loaves. But then kids grew up and started moving out. It got to where one 4-loaf batch per week was sufficient.

It used to be that, when Gary was gone for several days at a pastors' conference or district convention, the rest of us didn't eat up a loaf of bread. He was our bread-gobbler, and the rest of us were occasional bread-nibblers.

Recently I've been making bread more than once a week again -- and Gary's hardly eating any. Yikes!

Andrew and I noticed today that it's nice to have groceries in the house. I hit Woodman's yesterday. I hate shopping and had been putting it off for many weeks. Two hours in the store, two carts full, and $400. Now that there's food, we suddenly realized how often we've been eating toast for breakfast. Or PBJ's for lunch. Or grilled cheese. Lots and lots of bread. It's something we actually had available in the house. Then when we didn't have peanut butter, and no flour to make more bread, it became clear that I had to [groan!] make time for a grocery run.

And wow! It's so much less brain-drain to make a meal when there is produce in the fridge, when there is a list of possible meals, and the ingredients necessary are sitting there waiting to be compiled into yumminess!

How 'bout that? I like having groceries!

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