Friday, February 27, 2009

Today's Laugh

A little over seven years ago, a friend was dying of stomach cancer at a young age. His folks had come to stay with his family, helping, and savoring their last weeks together. Scott had always been very witty, very quick-thinking, and hilarious. When he was the secretary for the circuit pastors' gatherings, the guys (and even their wives) snapped up the minutes of the meetings when they arrived in the mail. In what entertaining way would Scott present the boring details of the most recent meeting? Scott was probably the punniest guy I ever knew.

At the funeral, his mom told me her favorite pun of all. As she worried about missing him, and how the girls would miss their daddy, and how the next few weeks would go, Scott tried to reassure her with the promises of Christ and their reunion in heaven one day. And she said, "Well, I'm a mother, and sometimes mothers can't help but worry." And Scott's instantaneous answer was

"That's apparent."

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