Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Burning of the Palms

Usually we go to Matins and then come home. Pastor suggested today that we stay for opening at school. We did, and we heard readings from Gen 3 and from Is 40. Then we all went outside so that the palms from last year's Palm Sunday could be burned for the ashes that will be used later today.

So we stand there in the cold, watching the flames lick up the dry palm leaves. "The grass withers. The flower fades. But the word of our God stands forever."

Man, remember that you are dust. And to dust you shall return.

So, to dust we shall return.
But after my skin is destroyed, this I know (because the word of our God stands forever) that in my flesh I shall see God.

while we remember that we are dust, the Lord remembers His tender mercies and His lovingkindnesses, for they are from old. He does not remember the sins of our youth nor our transgressions. According to His mercy He remembers us for His goodness' sake.

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