Monday, February 23, 2009

According to Your Word

We are in the midst of praying Psalm 119 right now. I have been stunned by how often if says "according to Your word" or "according to Your lovingkindness" or "according to Your mercy."

So I counted. Do you know what?? It says NINETEEN times "according to Your..." something-or-other.

Two of those (verses 9 and 169) are kinda sorta Third-Article-y. And one (verse 91) is kinda sorta First-Article-y. But all the rest are very much about God's promises of mercy and goodness and hanging onto us and making us alive. This line shows up in more than 10% of the verses in that psalm, about how we pray on the basis of "hey, You said...; You promised!"

I think that's very cool.

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