Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nursing Homes

We thought that Gary's job would be fairly secure, even in economically difficult times. After all, the company serves nursing homes. With the baby-boomers getting up there in years, nursing homes looked like it was one of those industries that would be growing instead of shrinking.

But one wonders, with the current administration. We've been training people for the last 30-40 years that life is disposable, especially when it's inconvenient to me. We kill babies. We kill the infirm. And although it's still illegal, we even "put people out of their misery" like as if they were beloved pets. With the plans for nationalized health care, and how high those costs are for the elderly and the disabled, I imagine that we will soon be finding certain people rather, uh, shall we say, "dispensable." It's pretty scary to think what's going to happen when we look at the money that's available, and throw that together with the whole idea that we're just animals anyway, and nobody should ever ever ever have to suffer.

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