Sunday, September 21, 2008


For the first four kids, we barely used any worksheets. We would buy some workbooks occasionally, but most pages went unused due to the kids' catching on to the concept before using up the practice-pages.

But now I have a kid who needs much more practice on many concepts than can be found in a workbook. Or in several workbooks. I tried hunting websites for worksheets I can print out. What I'm finding is that there are worksheets out there, but they don't provide exactly the practice we are in need of. And it takes so blasted long to hunt through all those websites, and all the different worksheets on the sites.

So this evening I sat down with blank paper and a Sharpie marker, and made up a week's worth of math problems for Maggie. I hate doing that, but it doesn't seem there's much choice. The other thing I'm going to have to do is to sort through all those old hand-me-down workbooks and find the appropos pages to dish out to Maggie.

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  1. I've been making my own worksheets for dsds15 for some time now. I photocopy them, never letting him write on the originals, because he needs to do them over and over and over....I also photocopy exercise books I've bought at the teacher store. I only use them for him.