Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Paul's Clep

And more rejoicing on the clep-front. Paul took the Western Civ I test today, and scored a 68! Wow! With his cleps, a few credits that he took at the local junior college, and taking 16 hours per semester instead of 15, he can knock a semester off his college career. That's a lot of tuition money saved!

Also, since I haven't seen anything on his blog recently, I am taking the liberty to report to grandmas and siblings that his roommate transferred to a different college, and so Paul has his own room now. He is in Choraliers which is the group that puts on the annual musical theatre production. He is also running for student senate.

Too bad homeschooled kids aren't socialized. [snicker giggle guffaw]


  1. Congrats to Paul! Woo Hoo! Btw, tell Paul that if he wants to worship with us again, the elders voted last night for new (really the old) service times. So starting October 5th, services are at 7:45am and 10am with SS/Bible class at 9am, and no more Saturday evening service.

  2. With his natural charm, Paul has a bunch of girls already planning to vote for him. hehe.