Thursday, September 25, 2008


We heard about a good, wholesome horse story that sounded like a movie appropriate for the whole family. In many ways it was. No language, no violence, no sex. An intact family. Set in the West, with lots of outdoorsy activity and scenery. Not sure why it rated a "PG" instead of a "G."

The only thing that bugged me was something about the heroine's attitude toward her father, and how a perfectly decent father was made out to be too insensitive. I've heard people complain that, in the fifth Harry Potter book, Harry was so whiny and self-centered and full of teen-angst, and thought everybody was against him. But that was NOTHIN' in comparison to the heroine in Flicka. Thing is, in Flicka the heroine was held up as wild (a good thing, apparently) and strong/stubborn and self-determined and all that jazz, whereas Harry Potter's somewhat similar qualities were seen as a bad thing.


  1. When we were little, Mom read MY FRIEND FLICKA to us. I thought it was a CPH book. Wonder if it is the same story.

  2. Can it be because Harry is a boy (duh) and boys should just suck it up, or perhaps that if its good for a girl in the "wild west" with her father its bad for a teenage boy without *any* parents.

    Note: They changed the gender of the heroine in Flicka, its supposed to be a boy. That confuses things even more.