Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hymn Greeting Cards

I saw these greeting cards at the bookstore when I dropped Paul off at Bethany Lutheran College. They are beautiful, and not very expensive (as cards go). They really grabbed the attention of this hymn addict, because the cover of all these cards is a calligraphied hymn stanza. And, oh, the choice of hymns! I'll put up some pictures of cards later, but for anybody who would like more information right away about "Hymns in My Heart greeting cards," you can request an order form from:
normanmadson at yahoo-dot-com

(Of course, when emailing him, you will have to use the @-sign and the period, as in a normal email address. Writing the edress this way will hopefully help protect Mr Madson from getting too much spam by web-robots who hunt for email addresses on the internet.)

1 comment:

  1. Oh yeah - I love those cards and pick them up for different things. They have also been inspiration for my own card making, as times I like the hymn, but not the message inside.