Monday, September 22, 2008

Appearance Matters

I am practical. I do not do froo-froo. I like to see beautiful flower gardens and lovely homes. I can appreciate someone's being well-dressed and well-coiffed. A well-set table (at somebody's else's home) is something I can oooh and ahhh over. But I am not adept at making things nice and pretty. Especially when it comes to government expenditures, I hate to see money "wasted" on something like interior decorating or great architecture.

I have long been rethinking my perspective on this when it comes to churchly matters. But recently I have begun rethinking it with regard to other buildings too.

The hospital in my home town recently opened a new cancer center. It is gorgeous. The space is bright and open and airy. There is plenty of natural sunlight. There are patios and fireplaces. There are comfortable chairs. There are stations for coffee and pastries. The woodwork is beautiful. There are flowers and good artwork. There is an assortment of books and puzzles and games to pass the time.

The atmosphere in the new building (just from the way the building is constructed and decorated) is so cheery and upbeat that it really seems to make the whole experience of being treated for cancer more pleasant. And that has GOT to be worth something!!!


  1. Several years ago, my daughter talked me into using lots of color in our home. And while I don't spend a lot of time decorating, I'm calmer and more content in the rooms with deeper colors.

  2. Today the patio you could see when coming down the elevator is all landscaped. Beautiful!

  3. I can only imagine! I think there were still little bulldozers in that patio a couple of weeks ago. But weren't there some plants there, getting ready to go in the ground, too? I think it's probably going to be utterly gorgeous next spring.