Thursday, September 25, 2008

Green Homeschooling

Just another reason to homeschool: to save the environment.

Our county's recycling propoganda flyer came out today. We are told that the average school-age child generates 67 pounds of garbage per year just from the disposable items in his school lunches. The paper suggested using tupperware containers, cloth napkins, and other ways to cut down on lunch-time trash.

So when I get a block of cheddar out of the fridge, cut it with a knife, and let people munch, I have helped to SAVE the world by not buying individually wrapped cheese sticks. Or when I cook up a pot of rice and put it on ceramic plates and have the children eat it with silverware, then I am SAVING the world because I didn't send them to school with a yogurt cup, a plastic spoon, a paper napkin, and a Twinkie wrapped in plastic.

Good for me. ;-)


  1. Don't forget that cooking from scratch eliminates all that packaging that would come from prepackaged foods and since you probably buy in bulk that cuts down on packaging as well. Thanks for posting this astonishing statistic.

  2. LOL! Who would have thought we were the greener ones?! ;)

  3. Both you and Kristi are spot on. I also think we save a lot of gas not driving our kids to the mall every time they need the latest t-shirt, backpack, etc. that everyone at school has :)

  4. Apparently the statistic came from New York's Department of Environmental Conservation (see footnote on this school's handout).