Saturday, December 08, 2007

Another Ethanol Rant

I got stuck having to fill (I mean, FILL) the tank with ethanol-laced gasoline. After driving on it for a few days and topping off the tank, I discovered that instead of 29 mpg on real gas, I got 20 mpg on the corny stuff. That means I'm gonna have to pay FIFTY PERCENT MORE for gas when I can't find real gas anymore. That stinks. Who came up with the bright idea to "save gas" by making our fuel-economy nosedive???


  1. It wasn't ever about making your gas cheaper, it was about keeping the money out of the hands of oil-baron-supported terrorists because California and Florida won't allow offshore drilling. :)

  2. Maybe the U.S. should take over CA and FL???

    California. Wouldn't they be the ones who are so ecologically pure that they won't allow new electric power plants, but the citizens keep suckin' electricity like nobody's business, and thus force other states to sell electricity to the place that's too pure to have power plants? I guess I don't think too much of their level of "green."

    I get just a tad bit cranky over this whole ethanol thing. Have you seen the price of eggs??? And milk? And flour? Oy!

  3. My ODOT working husband said that though we don't have ethanol here in our corner of the wild west, state fleet rigs in the Wllamette valley, etc. are required to use 5% biodiesel. He said that you might get better mileage if (and he really doesn't know about ethanol for sure) you have your filter checked andpossibly changed. Evidentially the biodiesel clogs the filters pretty fast. You might ask a car guy about that... hth

    Many alfalfa farmers are turning under their fields this year and will be planting wheat this spring, if the winter wheat isn't in already.