Monday, July 02, 2007


A new couple at church moved here recently, and their property has lots of woods with lots of black raspberries in the undergrowth. They invited us out to partake of the bounty. The kids and I traipsed through the brambles and brought home nearly 2 gallons.

First project was jam. I tried to sieve the pulp to remove most of the seeds. Oh my goodness! That took forever. I spent over an hour just pressing pulp through the sieve. Seedy jam would've been finished a LOT faster. But boy oh boy, it's good.

Pie was the second project. It's cooling and looks delicious. But the overflow was the worst I've ever seen, and now the oven is on self-clean.


  1. Susan I have a little kitchen item you would love. A silicone mat. You place it on a cookie sheet and bake your pie on it. Any spillage is washed off the mat easily and you can reuse it! (unlike foil) I bake biscuits on my mat and haven't had dark bottoms since.

    I also have silicone muffin pans. Everything slips right out: muffins, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes. Solved my burnt bottoms troubles and added benefit no scrubbing to wash! I HATE scrubbing.

    Your jam and pie sound lovely!

  2. Oh yum!!

    Raspberries are the thing that I miss most since Grandpa & Grandma moved out of their house.

    I need to find a place to get some. (Besides the grocery where they are $3 for a half-pint. And only red.)

    And raspberry pies do that. I don't know why, but grandma always used foil under the raspberry ones.