Thursday, July 05, 2007


Much to my dismay, people started in on the Bedroom-Painting Project earlier this week. We were going to do it a month ago, when the formerly 3-person bedroom was down to one occupant. But we hadn't gotten to it. This has been a joint venture like none in our home before. Maggie helped move out furniture on Monday. Walls were sanded on Tuesday by Gary. I washed walls and ceiling yesterday. Paul placed the masking tape last night. Andrew and I put on the Kilz around the edges, and Paul painted on Kilz with the roller. Maggie leaned against the wet wall, ruining a pair of pants and giving herself grey hair. If I can stay up late and do the coat of paint, maybe the kids will be able to start the Big Bedroom Switcheroo tomorrow.

I still can't decide whether to buy a queen-sized bed for the bigger bedroom, leaving a double bed in the smaller bedroom. Or if I should buy a twin bed for the small room, putting the double in the big bedroom. It'd be nice for company to have a queen bed. But Maggie really wants a desk in her room, and that room is just mighty snug for a double bed and a desk and a dresser (as Paul currently knows well).

I also arrived home this afternoon to find that the boys had cleaned the garage. It still needs some sorting and some stuff thrown away. But it's so much improved! So we have two big projects nearly done. (Only 497 big projects to go???)


  1. Did you just say you have a double bed?? My mom asked me the other day if I knew anyone with a double bed who wanted a wool mattress pad and/or down comforter since we no longer have any beds that size. Interested?

    Also, it's up to you to bring something or not to the party. I'm planning on having some typical cookout food. If you can bring a dish to pass, that'd be great, but it's by no means required. :)

    Oh! But I think you should bring some kombucha for my friend Tracey to try... you may be able to convert this one! ;)

    (and look! I can comment again! yay!)

  2. Hey, Anthea, I think we could use the mattress pad, but probably not the comforter. I sure hate saying "no thanks" to that, though.

    I'm glad you're able to comment again!

    And I'll try to remember to bring a bottle or two of kombucha and spread the craziness amongst your friends too. ;-)

  3. Sus, (I thought you needed that after the Andy blog) are you sure you don't want to take Anthea up on the down comfort? We got a down alternative (?) and it is wonderful. Just right year round and very light weight.

  4. Okay, my Wednesday daughter. My mommy (your Wednesday grandma???) says to say "yes" to the comforter. She makes a good point. So how about I retract my earlier "no thank you"?