Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rescuing Cast Iron

Mom had a couple of old cast iron skillets in the attic that were headed for the trash. There are nice things about the new pre-seasoned skillets, but they aren't nearly as smooth and non-stick as an old skillet. So Mom handed her trash over to Rachel. A couple of weeks ago, we put them in a hot brush fire to burn off yuck-stuff. Today Rachel poured boiling water in it and let it cool. Then she took steel wool to it, and it cleaned right up beautifully. And fairly easily. Of course, it needs to be reseasoned. But it's still black and fairly smooth, with the pores closed up much nicer than the one-year-old preseasoned one. Not only will it make very nice fried eggs, but it will be fun for her to tell her kids in 15 years that this belonged to her grandma. THAT's another nice thing about cast iron cookware. It just gets better with age!


  1. I think those skillets were MY grandma's - Rachel's great-great grandm's.

  2. I have my husbands Great grandmother's cast iron skillets that she used when she would fry chicken. They are still wonderful.