Saturday, September 03, 2011

Curiosity versus Need-to-Know Basis

"What if ...?"

We used to wonder together about all sorts of what-ifs. "If the police stop you while you have a kombucha bottle in the car (thinking it was alcoholic), what would you do?" "If you were planning a party and you didn't want So-and-So to attend, how would you handle it?" "If the library charges you for damage done to a book by a previous user, do you have to pay the fine?" "If we hadn't moved, who would be our friends?"

Kids ask these things. They ask and ask and ask. And ask. As tiring as those questions may be, it's good for their little thinkers. These curiosities stretch their brains. Their problem-solving (even for imaginary problems) helps develop real-life problem-solving skills.

I have noticed, however, that these what-ifs tire me now. It's almost like I don't want to be bothered by problems that aren't within my vocation to solve. When asked the what-ifs now, I tend to say, "Not my problem!! I don't have to figure that out." But that's not good for Maggie and her thinker. Time to attempt to rev up the imagination and the curiosity again.

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  1. The whys tire me. I never thought about how after "why" phase will come what-ifs. Oy.

    You were in Toddlerville for, like, 15 years I bet, weren't you? Ohhhh, the patience that must have taken.