Friday, September 02, 2011

Discovery World

Maggie's prize for the library's summer reading program was children's passes to Discovery World. So one day last week we headed down to the lake front. I was shocked by the "free" fieldtrip's price: my ticket and the parking fee were almost prohibitive. But we haven't gone to a museum in so long, and I think it was good we did. (I'd thought a year-long family membership was a good deal when we had six kids. Even with only one at home now, the year's membership would still be cheaper than two trips where we pay admission!)
We nabbed Alia to take along. It was mostly for me and Maggie's sake. Katie [silly girl] thought we were generously taking Alia to be helpful to her. No! It's so much more fun to go do those things with a munchkin!

One thing that surprised me was how tired I got: after two hours or so, I was wiped out. I used to be able to head off for a full day to explore museums with the kids.

Every time I go to a science museum, I am once again stunned by how fabulous the Rockford Children's Museum is. Others may be good, but I have been spoiled forever by Rockford.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day inland, and even more beautiful at the lake.

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