Thursday, September 01, 2011

Just Stuff

You know it's a delectable meal when you can't figure out which food to save for last, because they're all so delicious that there is no way to "save the best for last."

Mom's dialysis is helping. The c-diff returned and is now beaten back again. She is currently in the hospital with cellulitis. She's still needing to make a trip to St Louis for diagnosing what's up with those ulcers. She can't have the surgery for the permanent port for dialysis until she knows that she doesn't need cancer surgery.

College classes are going fine for Andrew.

Nathan's new job was requiring more hours than he anticipated. He's now done with training, onto his standard schedule, and catching up with the homework in the class he's taking for his computer degree.

I've been learning a new task at work -- running the machine that actually posts the bank's transactions, the machine that makes sure each teller's work is balanced and that the whole branch is balanced. So far it's been fun, sometimes like a puzzle to solve. I suspect my co-workers are amused with me: they ask if I'm having fun with it ... and I am! So far, however, it's been easy. I might not think it's so fun when I get whopped with a huge pile that's full of mistakes to ferret out and correct. Also, it makes me more useful to my boss if I can learn some tasks beyond just helping customers with deposits and withdrawals.

If this heat wave is Indian summer, we are in for a very long winter. Please, let this heat wave just be one last hurrah for regular summer!

I'm wondering why somebody would find enjoyment in scaring a little kid and tickling her until she cries and screams. "Oh, it's just playing." Really? Do you think the kid agrees?

Gary and I went to Spring Green for our anniversary. APT was up for Sunday. We stayed in a very nice bed-&-breakfast in town. We putzed around Monday morning. On the way home we stopped at a friend's house to pick up the kids and enjoyed a conversation there (conversations that don't happen nearly often enough).

Too much gallivanting around on trips, not being at home, means I'm not being diligent about taking my vitamins and taking enzymes with my meals. That means my allergies are acting up. During ragweed season too. I need to work on getting back into that routine.

When you don't have time to can salsa or make spaghetti sauce, the tomatoes really pile up. I palm them off on all sorts of people, and we are eating cheese&tomato sandwiches to our hearts' content!!

Someone took our lawn swing from its spot near the front door. Because it disappeared on trash day last week, I'm hoping that it was an over-zealous dumpster-diver who took it. I hate to think that there might bad guys who are intentionally stealing things out of people's yards.

I am procrastinating so badly on my strawberry bed that I was desperate enough this week to scrub clean the fridge rather than making a dent on the weeding, tilling, replanting babies, watering them in, etc.

The raspberry patch was not as intimidating. I whacked away at those today. That spot in the garden now looks positively naked. My arms are scratched, and the blisters on my hand are raw, but I'm pleased with that section of my berry gardens.

There's probably loads more to report, but it's bedtime.

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