Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Soap Mold

Soap molds tend to cost a fortune. But it's a major disincentive to me to mold soap in the ends of frozen-juice containers, or to prep (and later, clean) the plastic box I've been heretofore using as a soap mold. I lucked into finding ONE soap mold (instead of a whole kit) and it was just the right size for the batches I make (3# of Crisco, 6 oz lye, 12 oz water).

It's so easy to grease the mold with Vaseline. So easy to cut the bars: just slice into slightly stiffened soap with a 3" putty knife. So easy to remove the soap when it's fully set: loosen the wing nuts and let the sides of the box fall right off. So easy to wash the flat pieces in the sink. So easy to reassemble the mold for the next batch.

With the hand blender and the new mold, making soap is no longer a dreaded chore, but quick and simple.

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  1. I am slowly discovering that sometimes the right tool is very much worth the money invested, even though it's possible to do the job without it.

    Been thinking about this lately, as I need a new garden trowel. I could buy any old one from Walmart. But I'm wondering if I won't get more enjoyment and pleasure out of necessary work if I buy a GOOD trowel that has a nice wood handle and an edge that can be sharpened. It will cost maybe 3x as much. But I wonder if it would be a wise purchase.