Saturday, August 07, 2010

Running a Business

Did you hear about the county health inspectors who shut down a 7-yr-old's lemonade stand because she hadn't paid for her $120 temporary restaurant license? Later, the county chairman apologized and instructed health dept officials to "use professional discretion" in enforcing the rules. A city commissioner, however, defended the enforcement of the regulations.

My friend Glenda was notified not to bring homemade treats to an upcoming pastors' wives' retreat. Too dangerous, y'know, for those pastors' wives to bring cookies that haven't been inspected by the government. About 15 years ago, my nephew's school (in the same state) required that all cupcakes for classroom parties be purchased at a bakery and arrive at school in a sealed container. That was to Protect The Children. But see how it's expanded! The government will guard everything that goes into your mouth. Homemade oatmeal-raisin cookies -- too dangerous. McDonalds fries and Pepsi -- perfectly okay.

The nanny state has run amok. And we have a President and lawmakers who claim they support small business. Sure they do -- so long as the person providing the service jumps through every hoop and pays for every permit before starting a mini-business.


  1. Let me get this straight the government isn't interested in protecting human life ....but it is intrested if I make cookies to share at a something wrong with this picture or am I just too old ~~~~

  2. My children belonged to a Girls' Chorus that had a similar rule. No home-made food or drink of any kind could be brought as refreshments. Having to purchase individual drinks and snacks for 70+ chorus members was not only more expensive, but also less nutritious. The government regulations have gotten so out of hand!