Friday, August 06, 2010

Do Not Worry About Your Life

Pastor's on vacation. Gary is preaching on Sunday. He says the last time he preached this text was nearly three years ago. It is the invitation from Jesus to rely on Him for all our needs (Matthew 6 or Luke 12).

Thirty-five months ago we had no septic. We weren't supposed to be using the water in the house. If we did, we had to dispose of it by carrying it outside and dumping it. After a few weeks of this, some wonderful and generous homeschooling friends got together and provided a night for us in a hotel. Do you know what hotels have? Showers. Toilets. Sinks with running water. And DRAINS on all of those items! Such a helpful gift! Such love shown in the giving of the gift!

When we came home that evening in late September, the evening was cooling off and it promised to be a chilly night. We discovered that we were almost out of fuel. No propane for the furnace or for the water heater or for the stove. For the next two weeks I had to cook next door at church and wash dishes at church. And we had to boil water on the church stove for washing ourselves up.

And that was the weekend Gary last preached on this particular pericope.

A lot of memories.

But as Staupitz said in the Luther movie, "We preach best what we need to hear most." God grant that it be so.

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