Saturday, August 07, 2010

Paul's Viper

In Acts 28 we read what happened to Paul after they were shipwrecked on their way to Rome. The kind natives built a fire to warm the weary, wet crew and passengers. When the poisonous snake attached itself to Paul's hand, the natives said that he must be a murderer and, although Paul had lived through the storm and shipwreck, obviously justice was being meted out through the snakebite.

"No doubt this man is a murderer..."
A murderer? They didn't suspect him of theft or political rebellion. They said "murderer." Paul indeed had been a murderer many years earlier.

Then Paul shook the snake off his hand. He suffered no ill effects from the snakebite. And the natives concluded he must be a god. In a way, they weren't entirely wrong.

Luke writes that "no harm came to him." No harm [that is, permanent harm] will ever come to those who are in Christ.

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