Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Noise in the Chimney

When we started hearing noise in the chimney today, I went to investigate. Andrew asked what I was going to do when I opened the flue and a bird or bat came flying out at me. Uh, ... scream of course.

Funny. Andrew thought screaming was a less-than-ideal response.

He got the old rabbit cage. It was just big enough to cover almost the whole opening of the fireplace. So the cage blocked the fireplace opening. The flue was opened. The bird made a break for it and landed in the trap. Rosie thought this was a highly interesting development in place of her regular nap.

Since Maggie and I are studying birds this spring, I wanted to get a good up-close look at our specimen. But when the bird appeared too panicked to worry about Rosie, we took the cage outside and removed the cover. Bye-bye birdie!

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