Saturday, May 15, 2010

Call Day

The majority of my readers probably already know about last month's Call Day. It's when the graduating seminarians to receive their placements. There weren't as many congregations requesting pastors as there were men available. More than one-third of the graduates at Fort Wayne are still wondering where they'll go. Or if they'll go.

Had my son not changed his mind about attending seminary in the final months before college graduation, this would have been his Call Day.

I understand all too well what Pr Curtis says about the reality behind the so-called clergy shortage, and his exhortation for men to have a back-up plan for employment if they desire the office of pastor.

I was surprised to see that Gary's former congregation received a convertible vicar. (That's a man who does his vicarage, kind of an internship-year, and then stays in the same place and becomes their pastor.) For decades the congregation has struggled to pay a pastor. Two and a half years ago, the situation grew much worse. Yet here they are, asking for a full-time vicar/pastor again. They received word on Call Day that, yes, they'll be sent a full-time man.

Matt Harrison preached at the seminary shortly after Call Day. His sermon was excellent. The one thing that made me a little uneasy was the seeming message that these uncalled seminarians will receive calls eventually. I kept wondering about those who don't. Or who do, but end up losing their congregations within a year or two. The Luther quote which Pr Harrison posted that week makes a lovely companion to the sermon.


  1. I know this is a serious post, but each time I've read or heard the term "convertible vicar" I just crack up.

  2. Maybe they're the ones with toupees?