Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ascension Collect

Our hymn of the week is "A Hymn of Glory Let Us Sing." I've been missing terribly the stanza left out of LSB, verse 5 in TLH:

Oh, grant us thitherward to tend
and with unwearied hearts ascend
unto Thy kingdom's throne, where Thou,
as is our faith, art seated now. Alleluia!

Through the week we have been praying --as normal-- Sunday's collect. Last night and this morning we switched to the Ascension collect:

Almighty God, as Your only-begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, has ascended into the heavens, grant that we also in heart & mind ascend and with Him there continually dwell.

Hey, wait a minute!

Those two are the same thing! (If you doubt whether they're the same, take a peek at the TLH version of the collect.)

No wonder I've been missing that stanza of the hymn.

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