Sunday, April 25, 2010

High-Speed Kitties

Rosie is not fond of cars and noisy engines since her accident in kittenhood. During lunch today I saw Rosie, way way far from the house, making a bolt for it. I had no idea what she might have been chasing. But, whatever, she disappeared. About a minute later, she came running to the house faster than I've ever seen her move, and for a longer distance than I've ever seen her run.

Hmmm. Don't know what frightened her. But we let her in.

Pretty soon we see an ATV in the property out back, near where Rosie had been loitering. Ah. Fear of engines. Of course. Rosie finally learned that big, scary, dangerous, kitty-squashing cars stay on asphalt or concrete. If you're on the grass, you're safe.

Not today. No wonder she panicked.

Funny thing was that, about 2 minutes later, Athena also came careening from several houses away. Same high speed. Same long distance. And sure enough, shortly after Athena made a run for it, the ATV was zipping loudly past those woodsy spots where the cats hang out.

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