Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cinnamon Rolls

Okay, okay, so cinnamon rolls isn't exactly the most nutritious supper. Gary was watching an episode of Man vs Food, and the food challenge was a massive cinnamon roll. So Gary was trying to surreptitiously wipe the drool off his chin. He managed to get control of himself.

Later, Maggie and I were reading Betsy in the living room where Gary was working on his Latin translation. The new housekeeper at Betsy's house is, apparently, absolutely famous for her cinnamon rolls.

All right! All right! Hie thee off to the kitchen and start that dough a-risin'.

Why do recipes always call for us to roll out the dough to a 10x15" rectangle? Or 9x13"? Or even 12x17? And they always tell you to roll it from the long side. I rolled my dough into a thin 8x22" rectangle, and I rolled it from the skinny side. Whenever I follow instructions, it seems like I barely have any swirls, any spirals, any loopies. If I roll the long side across the skinniness of the dough, the cinnamon-sugar isn't spread nicely around and around and around. Drives me nuts. Am I the only one who wants my cinnamon rolls nearly flat but with a spiral that just keeps spiraling?


  1. Ha! We had cinnamon rolls for supper tonight, too. :)

  2. Hey, maybe we're trend-setters!

  3. Mrs G, did you start rolling yours from the long edge or the short edge? I keep wondering if I'm doing something wrong. But my math-brain says I'm going to get more spirally-ness if I start rolling at a short edge.

  4. I do roll mine from the long edge. My recipe calls for a 16x21" rectangle, but I usually end up with something a few inches bigger. If I manage the second rise right, the rolls turn out fat, but plenty spirally, like a chubby Milky Way. :)