Friday, April 30, 2010

Experiment: Male Pattern Baldness

We used to tease that my husband is bald "just like his father." I was told repeatedly that this is wrong wrong wrong. Men do NOT get their baldness from their dads; they get it from their moms. Genetics says so.

I'm not so sure I believe the scientific proof.

My husband is bald. His dad was bald. His mom's dad was bald. (Gary didn't stand a chance!)

My dad had hair. My brother has hair. My grandpas both had hair. My uncles have hair. There doesn't appear to be a smidge of baldness anywhere on my side of the family. (Shoot. I said that right out loud. You know Murphy's Law will have me bald as a cue ball in about three weeks....)

If baldness comes from the mother and not the father, seems to me my sons should keep their hair. But at their tender young ages, they're already getting thin on top.

Maybe male pattern baldness does come from the mom's genes. Science proves it [coughcough] and we must never doubt science. I am suspicious, however.

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