Thursday, February 04, 2010

VCFS Picture

After posting pictures of Katie and Maggie, these photos add another dimension. Maggie (in the yellow shirt) has VCFS. When she had her curly hair straightened, she looked amazingly like her sister Katie (who does not have VCFS).


  1. I was just told my son might have VCFS and is about to go in to have the test done to confirm it, but looking at the pictures, I still do not see any PROMINATE features that set a VCFS child apart from a non VCFS child.

  2. Hi, Anonymous. Did you look at the link I have to more pictures of my two daughters. More pictures helps.

    As for the facial features, folks with VCFS tend to have
    ~a wide nose-bridge (so eyes are further apart)
    ~thick hair
    ~small ears
    ~shallow-set eyes

    It's a lot easier to see when you've got a whole bunch of kids together, VCFS kids with their siblings. That's when you begin to see how kids that look like their own families still have something in common with other kids who have VCFS.

    I have to agree with you, though -- I don't see these facial features as something prominent. To me, it's subtle.