Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Woo hoo! I heard from the orthodontist's office that our dental insurance pays more than what we thought. The bill for Andrew's braces will be $700 less than anticipated!


  1. SUPER! Still more than "normal" braces?

  2. Well, the new insurance plus the extra that they're paying (for being in-network maybe?) is only a little more than CHP pitched in for Katie's.

    The orthodontist that we disliked also happened to charge a lot more than one we like. (We didn't get far enough with him to get a firm estimate, but his guesses were $800 more than the other guesses.)

    Overall, our out-of-pocket for the braces will be about what I would've expected out-of-pocket would be for "normal" braces. Still haven't heard from the oral surgeon what the bill will be for the wisdom teeth, nor how the insurance considers that. And we hope we'll avoid the oral surgeon for the palate surgery and jaw surgeries.