Friday, February 05, 2010

Busy Day, Accomplishing Little

So, is that title a paradox?

Went to the hardware store for a couple of items.
Made kombucha.
Watched physics dvd's with Andrew.
Paid some bills.
Hit three different grocery stores.
Stopped in to see if my new glasses had arrived. (They hadn't.)
Got a haircut.
Took Maggie to choir and did Alg2 with Andrew while we waited.
Gassed and washed the van.
Arranged doctor appointments.
Wrote up Leah & Maggie's Greek worksheets for the week.
Began figuring the taxes while watching a weird movie.

But ...
forgot to buy the chicken.
So had frozen pizza instead of gumbo for supper.
Didn't wash dishes.
Didn't catch up on school record-keeping.
Didn't make bread and granola.
Didn't get to the library for the ACT-prep book.
Didn't help Maggie with schoolwork today or grade anything.

May tomorrow be more productive! Hear, hear!


  1. Little Miss Sunshine.

    Netflix kept recommending it, and usually their program gives us pretty good matches for what we like. Reading the description and reviews made me think we'd like it. And there were things I liked enough about it that I didn't turn it off partway through. (Of course, I seldom quit in the middle, and then often regret at the end of the movie that there was no redeeming value in the conclusion of the story....)

    The family was dysfunctional. That would've been okay. I knew from the R-rating that there'd be "language" so that was no surprise. But the Grandpa was on drugs and a porn user. The brother hated the whole family (which, to some extent, you can't blame him for). The dad was fakey. The mom & dad didn't have a good marriage. The uncle was suicidal. But I kept thinking they'd come together as a family in the end, and that they'd learn to accept and love each other. And that's kinda sorta what happened. But it came together when the little girl in the beauty pageant did something like a strip tease (taught by her grandpa) for the talent competition.

    It's times like this that I wonder WHERE some of those Netflix recommendations come from. So many are perfectly on target. And then there are things like this????

  2. Oooo... Yeah, Katie and I have seen that one before. One tip off is Steve Carrell. He's been in one or two decent (meaning good family oriented) movies, but he definitely has a tendency to play in films that you (especially) would NOT like.

    I can't remember much of Little Miss Sunshine. I think I wasn't too impressed by it when I saw it, so I only really remember the parts that I laughed at.

    Also, definitely don't go by the Netflix description for movies and TV shows. They are some of the worst descriptions I've ever seen. Oftentimes, they have nothing to do at all with the film.

    Also also, it won butt loads of awards. If Hollywood loved it, then that's always a tip-off that maybe you should look into it a bit before watching... ;-)

    Netflix recommended a romantic comedy a while back that I thought I wouldn't mind, had actors we like, I figured Katie would like it, and people on Netflix enjoyed it. We turned it off not even 30 minutes in. It was slow, and a wife who had an incredibly loving and devoted husband decided to cheat on him with a woman (and you could tell it was headed in the direction of: this is a good thing). It was sickening to watch.

    Dunno why Netflix recommended that one, either...

  3. Michael Arndt was the writer of Little Miss Sunshine. I wonder how he can go from that to writing Toy Story 3???

  4. I did like the Blockbuster descriptions.

  5. Actually, I think you accomplished a lot. The list of what you got done looks like it would take a whole day.

    Does that make you feel better or worse?

  6. I think the hard part is knowing how much goes undone, and how hard it is to prioritize. Well, actually the hard part is admitting that something important has to be lower priority.

    But looking at what was accomplished, it actually does seem like a lot. Usually the big, important things on the to-do list take longer, and therefore fewer can be accomplished each day. So all those piddly items that have been sitting there, nagging away in their undone-ness, make quite a list. :-)