Thursday, September 24, 2009

VCFS Pictures

A lot of people who google "vcfs pictures" or "vcfs photos" end up coming to my blog, and that post unfortunately has no photographs; it has only what I learned one day about the face-shape of kids with velo-cardio-facial syndrome. What if we help folks out a bit? Maggie and Katie have facebook pictures that may illustrate one example of what the "f" in VCFS looks like.

So we have here two sisters who look a lot like each other. Katie, the older one, does not have vcfs. Maggie does. In this picture, Katie is the one not sticking out her tongue.

Here we have four pictures of Maggie. The vcfs experts tell us that the "look" to vcfs includes almond-shaped eyes, an elongated face (often heart-shaped), a wide nose bridge, and small ears.

For comparison, here's her sister from when she wasn't too much older than Maggie is now. (Katie is the one on the right. The one on the left isn't blood-family, though we'd love to claim her.)

And now we need a picture of Katie that shows off her deeper-set eyes and the bridge of her nose. (I'm sure she's just thrilled about Mom's comment here!) But, hey, for the sake of comparison...

The top one of this pair is Maggie handing out bulletins at her sister's wedding. The bottom one is Katie at her goddaughter's baptism.

And finally, a couple of pictures with Katie's daughter. The top picture is Maggie (who has vcfs) and the bottom one is Katie (who does not).


  1. What a pretty young lady Maggie is turning out to be!

    (How I *hated* it when people called ME a young lady. But "kid" isn't quite right, and I can't wrap my mind around "woman" yet, either!)

  2. I never realized how much alike Katie and Maggie look until now! Beautiful girls both!

  3. I love seeing pictures of your family! (And thank you—I'd love to be claimed!)

  4. Cheryl, in this house, girls come in "Model A" and "Model B." Rachel and I are practically clones. And Katie and Maggie look a LOT like each other: same model except Katie is the non-vcfs version. That's why I thought the two of them would be a good example of what vcfs looks like: they look so much alike except for the difference that one little 22.q.11 DNA deletion causes. What's interesting, though, is that Katie is starting to look a little more like me. All the kids were born in the spittin' image of their dad. They grew to look more like me the older they got. It's just that it took Katie 20 years to start having some of my looks, whereas three of the others it only took 20 months.

  5. For another picture of the two girls together, see a February blogpost.