Monday, September 21, 2009

Cinnamon Everywhere

Can a person have taste-bud hallucinations?

For the last year or so, I've been tasting cinnamon in Snickers. Never tasted it there before. Assumed they'd changed the recipe slightly.

Then I started tasting cinnamon in chocolate chip cookies. And I don't mean other people's choc-chip cookies, where somebody might've put a pinch in the dough. I mean my choc-chip cookies, that I baked, where I know there is no cinnamon.

And this morning I tasted cinnamon in the granola. The granola that I made. The granola that has no cinnamon.

At least I'm hallucinating cinnamon and not liver or kale.


  1. I'm tasting peanut butter in our yellow tomatoes from the garden...and not just once, every time I eat them...must be hormonal!

  2. Cinnamon does lower your blood sugar!

  3. Hey, Pam, I like the idea that it's hormonal and not delusional!

    Ewe, will imaginary cinnamon lower my blood sugar, or does it just affect my imaginary blood?

  4. In my imagination, I eat whatever I want and I don't feel sick ever. I don't think it counts.

  5. In my old apartment, I used to smell maple syrup every once in a while, randomly. No one else would smell it, but I haven't smelled it anywhere else either. So weird. Especially since I have almost no sense of smell!