Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Self-Indulgence of Fat Tuesday

Today is the last humongous party-day before Lent starts. It's our last chance at self-indulgence until Easter-tide, right?

Even for those who go meatless during Lent, very few get rid of the butter and eggs and milk and cheese. The "self-indulgence" of Fat Tuesday used to be getting rid of the fat in the house. Woo hoo! We're going to indulge and feast by using up all the butter and the eggs! (I wonder if they made quiche?)

And now what does today's self-indulgence consist of? It's a little wilder than eating quiche. Come to think of it, society-wide, normal everyday life during Lent today is probably a lot more self-indulgent than Fat Tuesday was in centuries past.

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