Sunday, July 05, 2009


Lots of time spent pitting cherries. Need to turn them into several batches of jam tomorrow morning.

Gary's been working on fixing the lawn mower over the last week. Every repair seemed to fail. So we bought a new mower. Brought it home. It wasn't working. When we took it back, it was an uncomfortable situation. The manager needed to verify that it actually didn't work, and that we weren't stupidheads trying to bring back a perfectly decent piece of equipment. "But it keeps dying every 25 feet and needing to be restarted!" Oh, but maybe we were trying to mow grass that was too high, or mowing in too dusty an area, and I forget what all her other hypotheses were. But she finally decided it was defective and gave us a different one. Guess what? It worked just dandy. The weeds are now sheared off to the same height as the nice, even grass. For now.

We saw the best fireworks I've ever seen in my life last night. They weren't a public display, but just a neighbor of the friends we were visiting. We were flabbergasted by what those fireworks must've cost -- 35 minutes of what I'd normally consider "finale" type displays. Wow!

Went outside recently to find a huge mass of ants. The last time I saw ants like that was in Mississippi when a fire-ant hill was disturbed and they started swarming, and that was in a park and not near buildings. These were just small black regular ants. (How's that for a technical nature-study term??) But they were so thick and deep that I didn't even realize what Paul was talking about when he first pointed them out to me. To see that many ants right there by the house kinda freaked me out. What would we have done if poison bug-spray wasn't an option?

Finally switched my blog over from the old "template" to the new "layout." Now I suppose I can explore the world of widgets and stuff. Later.

Matt is on his pathology rotation this month and loving it. He told me this morning at church that he got to dissect a brain. I didn't throw up at that news. I hope you're proud of me for that self-control. We're thinking that he probably got to study my friend Pam's parts that were removed this week. (Don't worry, Pam, he's there learning; you don't have a newbie diagnosing.)

There's probably more news, but I'm half asleep and might get the other half of the way to sleep if I were lying in bed instead of sitting at the computer....

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