Monday, July 06, 2009

Today's Laughs

The computer didn't used to be able to access Issues Etc for live listening; we could only access the on-demand listening. But after the computer needed to be wiped and restored in late winter, it turns out that now we can listen live. [Woo hoo! That was reason for a happy-dance!] Folding laundry today, this is what I heard over the 4:00 break.

[In a great pirate accent]
Pirate Christian Radio. Arrrrr. We be taking your false doctrine now.

And a little later, from Cwirla's church:
Are you tired of organized religion? That's okay -- our church is about as disorganized as you can get.


  1. I think they ditched the "The toilet seats are always up at Lutheran Public Radio," which I thought was hilarious. :)

  2. Matt hated the toilet seat comment...because even in a house full of boys...the seats are always DOWN here!

  3. I loved the "toilet seats are always up" line. But since those days I have heard a woman's voice doing brief spots now and then, and I wondered if --in the interests of sheer and complete honesty-- maybe the toilet seat had to go down now and then. Us women....

  4. I love Cwirla's commercial.

    Be sure to listen live at 12pm Eastern on Thursdays, or if you can't wait, the next Time Out will be available at my blog one minute after midnight tonight. :)