Friday, July 03, 2009

Baby Grass

Last Saturday, we [uh, that would be the men, not me] made a huge step in remedying the mess left from the demise of the previous owners' swimming pool. A huge dump truck dumped a huge pile of topsoil in our backyard. The guys shoveled and raked. They hauled manure to load up the bottom half of my raised beds, and then topped off the beds with soil. Now I need to put some seeds in there.But the big thing was getting the hole in the backyard smoothed over enough that we'll be able to walk without slipping, without twisting ankles, and that we should even be able to mow it without much trouble. The guys sowed grass seed, and we've been watering diligently.
Last night there was no sign of grass. But today the tiny blades of grass are poking up, giving a greenish tint to the dirt. Someday we'll have a backyard that looks like a backyard instead of an ugly mess!At least now, if we would ever have to sell the house or move to another place, there isn't this HUGE impediment in the backyard to anyone even considering buying this place.


  1. This weird cool summer is sure friendly to growing new grass!

  2. Cool! What a great start!