Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Burying Asparagus

With trepidation, Gary planted the asparagus by himself while I was off visiting my folks. We were so tickled when we came home from the funeral to find spindly little baby asparagus peeking up through the dirt.

When you plant asparagus, as when you plant potatoes, you need to bury them a little bit at a time, waiting for the tops to break through the soil, and then burying them a little more. Otherwise it would be asking a whole lot of those tiny little things to try to climb through 12" of heavy ol' dirt all at once.

The back row is all smoothed out now. The front row still has a few plants that are working on making it up to soil level. Some of the bigger, faster, thicker plants have already gone to seed, working on building up strength for next year's growth.

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