Friday, January 16, 2009

Today's Problem with Math

When the Lutheran school at my Aunt Mary's church bought new math curriculum, she did a little dumpster-diving and nabbed us the old textbooks. Seemed to me they were practically new at the time: they'd been published between the birth of my two oldest kids. We used those textbooks throughout the years with nary a problem.

Today one of the word problems began:
Mary had 8 singles and one LP.

Mommmmmmmm. What's an "LP"?

Oh. Maybe those textbooks are a little older than I realized.


  1. But what IS an "LP"? (I'm really asking.)

  2. See? You're the same age as my victims,.... uh, I mean "students."

    An LP is a "long playing" record album. Y'know, the old-fashioned vinyl kind that played on a record-player, with a needle, and spun around. An LP was the big one, about the size of a dinner plate, with about 6-8 songs on each side of the record. The singles were the little records, with a single song on each side, a little bigger than a CD.