Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day of Rest

The kids and I have big --and exhausting-- plans for the next week. There will be lots of driving, but lots of stops with chances to see some of our favorite people.

So last night my throat started to hurt a bit. And this morning I got up with a sore throat that worsened as I began to feel more and more weary. So the raw garlic cloves are taped to my voicebox. I had a couple of fat raw garlic cloves with my lunch. And I slept much of the day. The driveway is not shoveled. The rest of the family winged it for dinner. The grocery shopping is not done. All the other things on today's to-do list (well, actually, they were on last Monday's to-do list, and just keep getting bumped over to the next day) languish undone. But I slept most of the day, and still have hopes of not canceling the trips.

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