Monday, January 12, 2009


We got a lot done today. There was also a lot we didn't get done. But we:
cleaned the basement
went to chapel twice
made gumbo for supper
did some algebra
made cherry jam
made peach jam
made blackberry jam

You know what? Jam made from store fruit isn't as tasty as jam made from fresh-picked berries. And it's not just that I used frozen fruit. When I froze strawberries from my own strawberry patch and then later made that into jam, it was excellent. It's the store food that isn't as good.

For some other reasons, I've been noticing the change in our diet since our shares of organic veggies --from the farm where we bought a share of "community supported agriculture"-- ended for the winter.

And right now, I am hypothesizing that "more taste" is probably indicative of better nutrition. Wouldn't an August-tomato be healthier than a January hot-house tomato? Those organic carrots that taste like candy... they have spoiled me forever when I think of buying regular store-carrots.

My jam results today, although perfectly decent, ought to be the reminder in spring that I have GOT to get out there with the shovel and the dirt and the seeds and the hose, so that we can have awesome food instead of decent food.


  1. I couldn't figure out when you wrote that on your to do list this week was to make jam. I thought in the winter? After reading this, I am so thankful I made jam this summer with fresh fruit either from a friend's produce stand or from grocery store fruit! Plus I had jam to give away as Christmas presents!

  2. It's the real sugar. That's why homemade jam and homemade ice cream taste better.

    Real sugar accents the fruit better than corn syrup.

    That's my theory and I'm stickin' **cough, cough** to it.

  3. This is so true. I miss the flavors of straight-from-the-garden veggies. My only consolation is that spring will come and with it the first spring lettuces and peas, to be followed by all the yummy summer flavors.

  4. The lack of tasty veggies has had my kids asking if we can grow a lot of their favorites this summer. The veg and fruit quality at our favorite market has been poor this winter and the prices are rivaling the cost of meat.