Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Day

The plan today was to drop off the car at the mechanic's, walk to church (about 1/2 or 2/3 mile), go to Bible class, walk back to the mechanic's, get the car, go home, and get on with the day.

It's cold.

So I was thinking that I didn't want to take a kid with me to deal with walking in the cold. I mean, we own only so many ski masks, insulated gloves liners, etc. But Maggie insisted on going to Matins. Okie-dokie. So she took something to read during Bible class, and we proceeded with the plan.

Then the headmistress of the school asked if Maggie wanted to join them for their medieval day. The upper grades were going to be watching Henry V, enjoying an intermission for a medieval feast that some of the moms were preparing. I was stunned at first that they'd invite Maggie to join in. It was such an unexpected surprise! So I left Maggie at church to join their school day, and headed off at 11:00 to fetch the car.

Uh oh. The bitter cold had brought in many an urgent call to the mechanic. He was so apologetic for not having gotten to my car. But of course he needed to rescue people before doing something like periodic maintenance on my perfectly drivable vehicle. So I took the car, did the errands, putzed in the kitchen to clean up and start supper, and then headed to church with Andrew. The car needed to go back to the mechanic's. I figured the movie would be done around 1:30, so I took schoolwork to occupy me and the two kids prior to chapel, while the car was being worked on. Well, it turns out that the kids had a nice, long intermission for their feast. So Andrew and I joined the movie-crew instead of doing the schoolwork we'd toted along with us.

So today I was overjoyed to take four walks out in the glorious sunshine. I managed to fit in the errands and start a supper that will meet with rousing approval from at least two of my men. I got watch the last 1/3 of Henry. And I was overjoyed to be invited to participate with the schoolkids! I hear sometimes about friction between homeschoolers and Lutheran parochial schools. Never having been at a church with a school before, I had no experience, good or bad. I didn't expect any problems whatsoever with our homeschooling situation. But still, the pleasure over the kind invitation to be part of their day -- that's really something special! It's definitely a big huge warm-fuzzy!


  1. If you need to watch the first 2/3, I have the movie, and can bring it on Sunday!

  2. That might be really nice, Rach. Thanks.